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For Bookings - Please contact your preferred professional direct. They will work with you to find a day and time that suits your needs. 

Dr Mark Scholes

Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes

Dr Mark Scholes
  • Individual Therapy

  • Family & Couple Therapy

  • Individual & Group Supervision

  • Training & Consultancy

Dr Rhiarne Pronk-Scholes
  • Child & Adolescent Psychology

  • Family Psychology

  • Adult Focused Psychology

Dr Kate Owen

Kate Owen
  • Counselling & Family Therapy

  • Group Supervision for organisations

  • Workshops & Training

Shona Cassels

Shona Cassels
  • Lactation for Newborn Babies

  • Lactation for Mums

  • Lactation as Baby Grows

General Enquiries

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We are located within the heart of Ashmore opposite Ashmore City Shopping Centre. 

The Family Wellbeing Hub

Suite 51, 207 Currumburra Rd

Ashmore QLD 4214

207 Currumburra Road



  • Please use the 1st Driveway (UP ramp) for Parking

  • Access to Hub is via carpark

  • Follow signage to The Family Wellbeing Hub

2 Green Glen Ashmore

Additional Parking

  • Available at the back of the building using access via 2 Green Glen Road

  • Enter carpark - either straight or via the ramp

  • Use stairwells to go to level 3

Suite 51

Entry Wellbeing Hub
The Family Wellbeing Hub
Family Wellbeing Hub
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