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Collaborating Professionals

The Family Wellbeing Hub is proud to work with the following external professional services to make sure you have a complete access to support and resources.

It takes a village to raise a family!

Shona Cassels

Lactation Consultant

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Gold Coast based lactation consultant and breastfeeding expert. 

I am a passionate lactation consultant and breastfeeding expert, dedicated to helping mums and babies navigate their sometimes-tricky breastfeeding journey. My style of supporting mums and bubs, through what can be a scary and emotional time, is based on practical, safe guidance and evidence.


The methods I recommend are backed by evidence, they’re gentle for both mum and baby and they’re designed to allow both to thrive through their breastfeeding journey. Every baby is unique and every mum’s experience with breastfeeding is different, so whether you are just starting out breastfeeding and finding it challenging and painful, or if you’re further along and have hit a "speed bump" that you need help with, I will listen to your story and your goals to create a personalised plan that best supports you and your baby.

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Tracey Tyley

Motherhood Village

Postpartum Mental Health Peer Worker

Postpartum Care & Education Professional (Doula)

I believe Motherhood is both an innate and a learnt skill. I offer support for those who are new to Motherhood, who are having a difficult time, or who simply need help.


Motherhood Village was created to help those Mothers who don't have family nearby, friends or established support networks here on the Gold Coast. Most importantly to help Mothers struggling with their mental health postpartum.

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Robin Jakobs

Bondi Chefette

Health. Cook. Inspire.

Focusing on leveraging food to fuel the body as the foundation for a healthier lifestyle, Robin’s food philosophy comes from personal experience. After years of feeling unhealthy and fatigued, she committed to changing her approach to food and life. Through those changes she found health, happiness and living her best life enjoying real food.

A classically trained chef with certification in both culinary management and food & beverage, Robin has spent her carrier abroad, studying a wide array of food styles while working for renowned private kitchens, operating her own catering business and as a personal chef in family homes and super yachts. 

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Affiliated Allied Health

Little Language

Little Language 

Speech Pathology

Located in our building - Ashmore Commercial Centre

Communication difficulties can have long-lasting effects on social, emotional and academic success. Early intervention can and does change children’s developmental pathways. Our warm, nurturing and compassionate approach encourages each young person with mild to complex difficulties towards their communication potential.

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Assessment Matters

Assessment Matters

Child and Adolescent Psychology

Kerry Lowe - Hope Island

Kerry is passionate about ensuring children with school-related difficulties undergo assessment so that they can receive the most appropriate adjustments, support and intervention.  Through assessment, children who are intellectually ‘gifted’ are also recognised and relevant adjustments are implemented so that they can achieve their intellectual potential.

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